Private – Implants

Private – Implants

We can provide dental implants to suit a wide variety of needs including,

  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Stabilising dentures
  • Providing stability for a bridge

Prices for implants will vary depending on the complexity of the case, but start from £2,250. An x-ray is also required prior to treatment to ensure that sufficient bone is present to stabilise the implant. We also carry out a comprehensive pre-treatment examination to check suitability and patient expectations.

What are implants?

It has always been the aim of all prosthetic dental treatment to restore natural conditions in the mouth as faithfully as possible when teeth have decayed or been lost. The smaller the number of teeth remaining, the more difficult it is to achieve this aim. With large prostheses, it is frequently impossible to achieve perfect functioning in the long term because changes may occur in the jaw and the gums of the mouth as a result of the situation, the prosthesis.



In many such cases, tooth implants offer a better solution. Implants replace missing teeth, including the root. They are implanted in the jaw in place of the old missing teeth. While the implant is healing, the bone adheres to it, so that eventually it is firmly anchored in the bone.

During the healing or incorporation period, which lasts at least three months, the implant lies below the gum of the mouth, which protects it against stresses during this phase. Then a peg is screwed into the implant, on which the “new tooth” is firmly fixed in place like a traditional crown. The implant takes on the pressure from chewing instead of the root, and gently introduces it into the jaw, almost like the natural tooth.

What does the treatment involve?

Your dentist will begin by examining your mouth and teeth thoroughly, because any inflammation needs to be cured before implantation can begin. Decay in any remaining teeth and any periodontal disease should be treated first. If you are suffering from any systemic (general) illness, the use of implants may need the approval of your medical doctor.

Once the dentist has acquired an overall picture of your teeth, has explained the treatment to you and planned his course of action, the operation begins.

Following application of a local anaesthetic, the jaw is exposed at the point where the implant will be inserted into the bone. The site for the implant is prepared, the implant is inserted and then the gum is stitched back. The after-effects of implantation can be compared with those of having a tooth extracted.

The fact that the implant is covered by the gum protects it against potentially harmful stress during the healing phase, so that it can be incorporated without any disruption.

Depending on the individual situation, it takes three to six months for the implant to be firmly anchored into the jaw. A peg is screwed into the implant and the prosthesis is then fixed in place over it.


The system we use is Southern Implants
Single Implant Retained Crown- £2,250
Bridge, 2 Implants replacing 3 teeth- £3,900
Implant Retained Denture, 2 implants and a Private denture- £2,900

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