West Calder Parish Council Office Protest 1926 led by Ma Moore. Now West Calder Dental Care.

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History of the West Calder Dental Building (formally West Calder Council Office)

Councillor Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore was one of the best known people in Addiewell – a pioneer of the Labour party, and one of the early women county councillors.

She was deeply concerned with social justice and the rights of working people. She was the leader of the famous protest at West Calder Parish Council Office in 1926. The Parish Council had decreed that striking miners were not entitled to any form of benefits to keep them from hardship. A group of miners’ wives from Addiewell gathered outside the office in West Calder to demand benefits for their striking husbands. Most were carrying young children, but the protest was roughly broken up by a police baton charge.

1926 Protest by Ma Moore


In 1929 she was elected the councillor for Addiewell and Loganlea on Midlothian County Council and served for 27 years. She was a prominent member of various committees and boards, and particularly concerned to improve public health and welfare.


1926 Protest by Ma Moore


She was a formidable opponent, but was highly popular and respected in the area, being returned unopposed at practically every election. She was affectionately known as ‘Ma’ Moore‘.