Our Services – NHS

Our Services – NHS

We offer all the forms of dental treatment currently available under the remit of the NHS.

There are certain groups exempt from NHS charges, such as children, pregnant women, and low-income individuals. You can find more information about NHS dental charges and exemptions on the NHS inform website.

By checking these resources and contacting West Calder Dental Care, you can get a clearer picture of the NHS services we offer and how to access them.

Our services include:

Who is entitled to free treatment on the NHS?

    • everyone aged under 26
    • people who are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months
    • those with certificated exemption from patient charge because of income or receipt of certain benefits


If you are exempt from patient charges during a course of treatment, tell the dentist and ensure that you bring the evidence with you.

Dental Care / Patient charge

Check-up (examination) and prevention
Check Up (examination)
no charge
Check-up and preventive advice (which can include a scale and polish if deemed necessary)

Two small X-rays
One large X-ray of teeth and jaws

Small white filing (front tooth)
Small amalgam (silver) filing (back tooth)
Large amalgam (silver) filing (back tooth)

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment
£94.96 to £153.48
Additional fee for a re-root canal treatment

Single crown (for those 17 years or over only)
£149.24 to £185.72

Simple extraction (per tooth)
Surgical / complex extraction (per tooth)
£55.12 to £75.48

Dentures (false teeth)
Complete (upper and lower set) dentures

The NHS does not provide ‘white’ fillings in back teeth, tooth whitening, or other forms of cosmetic treatments.

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