Our Services – Private

Our services – Private

West Calder Dental Care offers a private dental plan that can be a good option if you’re looking for more comprehensive dental care or shorter wait times than NHS services.

Whilst we are committed to the NHS, we are also aware that the NHS does not meet the needs of all patients.

By considering the benefits, potential costs, and gathering more information, you can decide if the West Calder Dental Care private dental plan is the right fit for you.


  • Cost: The plan is approximately £14 per month.
  • Examinations and Hygiene Visits: You’ll receive two examinations and two hygiene visits per year, which is typically more frequent than NHS checkups. This can help with early detection and prevention of dental problems.
  • Discounts: The plan offers a 20% discount on all private and cosmetic treatments offered by the practice. This can be significant savings if you need any dental work done.
  • Priority Appointments: You’ll be treated as a priority if you need to be seen between your regular appointments. This can be helpful if you experience a dental emergency.
  • Dental Insurance: Signing up for the plan also entitles you to dental insurance, which covers you for expensive dental bills whilst elsewhere in the UK or overseas.

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